What we offers? Cooking professionals almost always recommend buying whole spices and grinding them yourself, since whole spices retain their aromatic compounds much better than the ground kind. But the reality is that most of us rely on ground spices for convenience.What we do is select first quality whole spices for maximum flavors and protect the aromatic compounds in ancient methodologies and sending them to your doorsteps as fresh as we can.

Retail Spice powders

A tiny amount of each variety of Mrs.Gk's spice powder can dramatically alter your dish and adding distinctive flavors. Mrs.Gk's kitchen is Manufacturing some fantastic spice powders for you, that you should definitely try.We have a list of 25 Essential Varieties You Need to Know.

Sprouts Brownie

We want to give our children a healthy and tasty brownies.So we tried so many recipes and fixed our signature sprouts Brownies.Homemade sprouts Brownies with the different kinds of toppings as well..You can satisfy your child sweet cravings with zero guilt..you can gift them to your loved ones too by pre Booking your orders with customised messages .

Return Gifts

When the return gift of blouse bit can be replaced by trendy things for the past years then ,why not the return gifts of eversilver utensils can be replaced by useful traditional homemade spice powders..Just go for it without a second thought as people are now used up to this new normal.. No celebration or function in India is considered complete without giving return gifts to the guests.By sending them a return gift, you're letting them know that you appreciate their presence and their good wishes during the happiest moments of your life. And now in this busy and media influenced world luxury gifts are more attractive.But end of the day how your guests are using it. And how useful your return gifts are. So we designed a combo of return gifts with our home made traditional spice powders which will be sooper useful for your guests.Return gifts with Mrs.Gks kitchen authentic spice powders which will be suitable for giving for all occasions.Even corporate gifts can be replaced by our Mrs.Gk's kitchen spice powder.Rather than giving fashion gifts which always sleeps at some corners of our house you can choose the best and make all happy....

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